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In the early 1900’s Brickell was considered Millionaire’s Row because of the mansions that lined the street. Now Brickell Village is an ideal location in Miami for both the up and coming and established career person. It is one of the only places in the south that having a car is not a necessity.

Everything is centrally located around this village and ideal for the younger generations. Some residents refer to it as the “smaller, cleaner Manhattan”. The high rise buildings (it is home to the tallest building in Florida), financial district (it is home to the most international banks in the U.S.), shopping, and cultural richness make it a very unique haven, even in the busy city of Miami. It is in the financial district and the homes available are well suited for successful career person in Brickell with many luxury apartments and condos with great views and buildings with security and extra amenities. The big city feel is real as the population in this area is dense, and the last senses in 2010 put it at 31,000.

Shopping in Brickell Village is centralized at Mary Brickell Village. And there is a mall in the works with a Saks 5th and an Apple store to anchor it. There are many find dinning establishments to serve the financial district, as well as many pubs and fast food places to enjoy. The area offers everything a person could want out of the city, with no need to leave. The taxi service stays busy all night in this bustling city.

This urban area has plenty for an active person to do as well. There is a city-wide bicycle initiative that allows for bike parking and bike lanes. There are state and county parks available for outdoor recreation including the Simpson Park Hammock, the Alice Wainwright Park, Brickell Park, and Brickell Key Park so busy professionals and their families an still connect with the outdoors and stay fit and healthy. There are also several quality fitness centers. The beach is a ten minute bus ride out of the district.

Brickell is a unique part of Miami that is generally considered safer, cleaner, and more upscale than the rest. Busy professionals come here to work in the financial district and live in the luxury high rise condos. While tourist and locals from all around Miami come for the shopping and quality restaurants.

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